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Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes – Kids Songs was born on March 26, 2016, as an idea from a dream. The content of the dream includes setting up a stage for little children of different nationalities and ages to sing and dance and learn. In this dream there were lots of mothers, fathers, uncles and school teachers and even nannies mingling and sharing a good time around their children. The children were happily dancing and learning through rhymes and crafts. There were animal characters and lots of bright colors.

Kachy TV- Nursery Rhymes – Kids Songs team understand that children learn through fun activities. Our team comprises of educators and artists who use music, videos and early educational and instructional tools to provide fun learning educational and entertaining programming for children from preschool ages to 8 years old. Kachy TV theme song explains our mission and our belief that children should learn in a fun way. We want children to enjoy and learn, but to also freely sing along, dance and jump about to the upbeat songs. Kachy TV Nursery Rhyme videos teach children in such a manner that they will easily retain information and become more confident and happy to learn. Nursery rhymes have been used for many years to support early education for children. Kachy TV provides well crafted nursery rhymes and original songs to teach children and support school based learning.

Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes – Kids Songs uses classic nursery rhymes, such as and original songs like to assist children with improving memory and cognitive skills. Our early educational entertainment stimulate children to learn while watching funny characters and enjoying upbeat songs. Our Animal Sound Song teaches animal names and sound:
New releases by Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes – Kids Songs Our ABC song in outer space provides a fun way for children to learn ABC:

By watching Kachy TV videos your kid will become more confident and eager to learn. Kachy TV uses beautiful 3D animations, compelling narrative and appealing characters to provide entertaining and educative nursery rhymes and original songs for toddlers and children. We provide these videos in such a way that kids can relate to and be stimulated to learn.Check out our new releases: New releases by Kachy TV

These videos are perfect for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids. Our early learning videos can help your little ones to learn farm animals, animal’s sounds and classic nursery rhymes’ lyrics quickly. Our videos are available for free on our YouTube Channel in beautiful HD.

Our Kachy TV blog is a parenting blog where we offer parents tools for improving parenting skills by learning from the real life experiences of other mothers on how to minimize the stress of parenting young children. These articles on our blog are written by other mothers and for mothers. We aim to build fun and deeper relationship between children and their parents by providing insight to issues facing parents with young children. We want to become a support resource for parents, teachers and care givers.

What Parents say about Kachy TV

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    KachyTv is a great resource for learning and fun at home! Whether using them for education or entertainment, the videos at KachyTv are a wonderful tool for engaging and teaching your child. The blog on the site also provides an invaluable resource for parents; it’s filled with informative and inspiring articles written by parents for parents, to encourage and support one another on the journey of parenthood!

    Sarah Oxley
    KachyTv Contributor,
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    As parents, we all want the best for our kids. That's why I love Kachy TV and am proud to be part of the KachyTV community! It is combining practical fun and learning experiences for kids with videos and a blog where parents can learn, grow and get support. Everyone at the blog is adding value by sharing a personal experience or useful tips. It helps to know that there are other parents out there with similar issues that we have. At the end, we can all relax a little bit more and be the fun parent we always wanted to be. 

    Ilka Emig
    Scientist and mother of two funny knowledge craving kids,
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Watch this playlist with all our children songs videos! Here you can find Wheels On The Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep and many more!

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