10 Signs of Learning Disabilities In Children

10 Signs of Learning Disabilities In Children

Learning disabilities come in many forms and children of all ages can develop them, usually, children will show signs of a learning difficulty when they are around four to five years. However, they can show signs when they are younger and older as well, which can make learning difficulties hard to identify in some cases.

However, it’s important to remember that just because your child is showing some signs of learning difficulty that doesn’t mean they do indeed have a disability. Children are still developing and growing so while difficulty with things like mathematics or words may be troubling it doesn’t necessarily mean your child has a learning difficulty. Children with a learning disability will usually show many different signs at the same time.

It’s important to talk with your children and their teachers to get a better idea of how your child is progressing at school. But while showing some signs doesn’t always mean your child as a learning difficulty it’s still important that parents and carers know what to watch out for. So, let’s take a look at some of the signs of learning disabilities in children.

Poor Balance
One sign that many parents don’t think about is balance if your child as a lot of trouble with hand-eye coordination then it could be a sign of dyspraxia. It’s easy to just think this is down to clumsiness but poor balance could be the sign of a larger problem.

Poor Handwriting
ren will usually have messy writing, but they should learn to make it neater and more legible at school. If your child is really struggling with this then it could be a sign of many different learning difficulties most commonly dyspraxia.

Poor Spelling
Many children will struggle with spelling but it’s again something they learn at school but if your child is still struggling with even basic words then it could be a sign of a disability like dyslexia. Our Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes YouTube channel is a great resource for improving spelling and educational songs and books are also plentiful.

Memory Problems
Children can remember a surprising amount of different facts and figures but again sometimes they can struggle. If your child is struggling to remember recent lessons or important information, then it could be a sign of a learning disability.

Education songs and nursery rhymes are a great way to combat this problem and will make it easier for your children to remember facts and figures. You can even check out some of our very own Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes.

Difficulty Reading
Not all children will love reading but if they dislike reading because they are struggling then it could be a sign of learning disability like dyslexia. Reading nursery rhymes with children is a great way to help them get to grips with reading while they are still young and will help them learn and remember the basics.

Poor Concentration
Poor concentration is not something you need to worry about on its own, many children will have a subject or two they find boring. But if they struggle to concentrate on a daily basis then it could be a sign of a learning disability, again making things more fun and interactive is a great way to combat this problem with young children. Things like educational songs including ABC song and Animal Sound Song on Kachy TV kids songs can be a big help when it comes to helping children concentrate.

Difficulty With Rhyming Words
If your child has difficulty with rhyming words, then it could be a sign of a learning disability but thankfully there are a number of great resources you can utilise to help combat this particular problem. Our very own well animated 3D rhymes on Kachy TV nursery rhymes on YouTube channel are a great resource and you can even make up your own educational songs.

Difficulty Holding A Pen/ Pencil
If your child has trouble holding a pen or pencil, then it could be a sign of many different learning disabilities like dyspraxia for example. There are a number of ways you can help children feel more comfortable when it comes to using a pen or pencil including specially designed models for children with learning disabilities.

Difficulty Talking With Others
This can again be put down simply to shyness but if your child as a lot of trouble talking with others and is finding it hard to make friends then it could be the sign of a learning difficulty. Teachers will usually be able to offer advice and assistance with this problem and talking to your child and exploring extra-curricular activities like playgroups can be a great way to help children feel more comfortable talking with others.

Difficulty Following Direction
A lot of your child’s early school life will mean following direction and routines, however not all children will be able to do this effectively. This could be a sign of a learning disability especially if it’s grouped together with a memory problem. Making things more fun and interactive for younger children is a great way to combat this problem as well like with educational songs for example.

So, that’s a look at ten common signs of learning disabilities in children, remember on their own these symptoms usually aren’t anything to worry about. But if your child is showing multiple signs then they could suffer from a learning disability of some kind. But try not to worry too much because there are many great resources available for parents. Our very own Kachy TV nursery rhymes and Kids Songs is a great place to start.

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